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Buy the dress off Keira Knightley's back ... and support a charity too
posted on 2008 Feb 01
Focus Features announced that the green evening dress worn in several romantic sequences by Keira Knightley as Cecilia Tallis in "Atonement," nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Costume Design, will be auctioned off to benefit Variety--The Children's Charity of Southern California.

The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation will host the online auction beginning Feb. 1 on the Foundation's Web site and ending March 1. Bidding will start at $1,000.

The dress being auctioned, taken directly from the production's archives, is one of a handful that were made specifically for Knightley to wear during filming. Multiples were fashioned because of the fragility of the dress. The dress being auctioned off was made under the supervision of, and has been authenticated by, Jacqueline Durran, who is nominated for an Academy Award for her costume design for "Atonement."
Keira Knightley : "I'm too dark for comedy"
posted on 2008 Feb 01
Keira Knightley has changed her mind about trying her hand at comedy - insisting she's "too dark" to pull it off. The actress recently announced plans to ditch romantic and period dramas for funny films, after being inspired by Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory. She said, "I always say I've no interest in doing a comedy because I don't watch very many. But actually I think I am lying because the other day I saw Blades of Glory and thought it was brilliant." But the 22-year-old has decided to stick with what she knows best: "I'm too dark in my soul to ever do a comedic role. I'm afraid I'd make a fool of myself."
Magazine covers
posted on 2008 Jan 12
First off, I'm sorry that I'm not posting here very much but I thought I'd let you know this is because I'm working on another version of the site with a friend of mine. I'm a bit tired of this layout and I think it's time for a new one!
Okay, so Keira was on the cover of the French edition of ELLE magazine last week, and you can view the pictures right here :

Keira is also currently on the cover of two other magazines, this time with James McAvoy. I must say there's something really special & beautiful about the photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly... But geee, what the hell is wrong with W magazine? Why does Keira look so pissed off? LoL And what the hell is that thing she's wearing?

posted on 2007 Dec 15
The UK edition of In Style magazine just started a survey asking people what they think is the most stylish female film costume. They are running this in conjunction with Sky Movies’ Fabulous Film Costume Season which starts on Tuesday 1st January with the English Patient and ends on Sunday 13th January with Marie Antoinette. One of the costumes featured in this survey is Keira’s costume from the film Atonement. She also has a second listing with Pirates of the Caribbean.

To vote for Keira, click here! And don't hesitate to post this link on your websites, blogs, message boards etc.
Five questions with 'Atonement' star Keira Knightley
posted on 2007 Dec 15
It is a very good time to be Keira Knightley, and it appears she knows it. She wears it well, though. Sitting in a hotel room in Toronto, Knightley talks about new films and old, characters conquered and roles hoped for. What is most striking about her is an ease that may not be as easy as it looks. She's assured without being overconfident, articulate until she's not, projecting an intelligence that hasn't yet learned to take itself too seriously.

She's 22, and, on one hand, Knightley's still the lucky kid, laughing self-consciously and peppering her conversation with the occasional swear word. On the other hand, she's a movie star and a respected actress with a global following for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy and an Oscar nomination for "Pride & Prejudice." Her latest movie is an ambitious film adaptation of Ian McEwan's acclaimed 2001 novel, "Atonement." She's cast as Cecilia Tallis, an upper-class woman in pre-World War II England whose love for the son (James McAvoy) of her family's housekeeper is tested. It's possible she'll come away with another Oscar nomination. Cecilia represents the sort of civilized suffering the Academy adores. But the role may be something more: Not just Knightley's first mature part but a part that's about maturing -- taking responsibility for one's own choices and feelings. Some stars grow up in public. Knightley may be trying to do it in the movies.

QUESTION: How did you find Cecilia?
ANSWER: I was looking for something more mature, and when I got the script, she sort of ticked all the boxes. I wanted a woman who was dealing with the problems of being a woman, not the problems of being a girl. I liked that she wasn't particularly nice. I liked the fact that she wasn't particularly good. And I loved that she was, in a funny way, redeemed by her love and by her sacrifice.

Q: How did you put this character together?
A: Well, what I loved about Cecilia is that she's wearing a mask all the time. I think most people are. What was interesting was looking at that mask and then looking at what was underneath. It's the 1930s and '40s, which was the peak of the British stiff upper lip, the peak of that society's emotional repression. As far as the characterization goes, it hugely helped to watch a lot of '40s British movies. It helps with that voice. There's a rigidness. The whole stiff-upper-lip thing is literally that. Once you imagine yourself in the period, actually, I found the characterization very easy.

Q: Maybe this is true of every British actor, but it seems like your performances address class on many different levels.
A: I do play aristocrats again and again. It's hilarious because really I'm lower middle class, if anything. I mean, my dad was East End, so I'm peasant stock. Maybe that's why I like playing aristocrats: It's dress-up! I'm just about to play another: Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, who was a political hostess in the 1780s and an ancestor of Diana (Princess of Wales).

Q: "Domino," in which you played a female bounty hunter, was possibly the most reviled film of 2005. Any regrets?
A: None. I love that film. Tony Scott polarizes people, but he's a filmmaker who takes the medium to its absolute limit. That film, I'm not saying it's perfect, but it belongs in an art gallery. It's the most incredible installation. It was designed to be an acid trip, and people hated it. We knew that when we were making it. And some people love it.

Q: Must have been nice to kick loose.
A: Absolutely. I started it 4 days after I finished "Pride & Prejudice." It was very odd. I don't think I'd do it that quickly again. But, again, that's what I'm talking about when I say I want to change as much as possible. I've never again found two roles that were so totally opposite, but it's what I'm constantly looking for.
Keira Knightley scores Golden Globe nomination for Atonement
posted on 2007 Dec 15
British actress Keira Knightley has received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the World War II film saga Atonement, it was announced today. The historical romance led the competition with seven nominations, with Knightley's co-star James McAvoy also honoured.

Other best drama nominees for the 65th Golden Globes were the crime sagas "American Gangster," "Eastern Promises" and "No Country for Old Men," the inspirational college drama "The Great Debaters," the legal drama "Michael Clayton" and the California oil-boom epic "There Will Be Blood." Seven movies were picked instead of the usual five.

Adapted from the novel by Ian McEwan, "Atonement" earned dramatic actress and actor nominations for Knightley and McAvoy, who play lovers whose new-found romance is shattered after Knightley's jealous younger sister (Saoirse Ronan) falsely accuses McAvoy of a crime.

"Atonement" also had nominations for Ronan as supporting actress, director for Joe Wright, screenplay for Christopher Hampton and musical score for Dario Marianelli. As no clear front-runners have yet emerged as favourite in the run-up to the Academy Awards race, the big nominations haul for the drama could make an early favourite out of "Atonement," which opened in the US last week.

Oscar nominations come out nine days after the Golden Globes and the ceremony takes place on January 13. Joining Knightley in the dramatic actress category was Cate Blanchett for her title role as the British monarch in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age."
Keira Knightley Reveals Why She Can’t Keep Her Clothes On
posted on 2007 Dec 08
Like these stars, Keira Knightley has no problem stripping down in front of a camera. After baring all on the cover of Vanity Fair, Interview magazine and those Chanel ads, the Atonement star, 22, tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show today: “At the moment, my friends actually have bets going on that I can’t actually do a photo shoot keeping my clothes on!”

She adds: “Um, and I can’t.”
Why not?
Going buff, she says, is “vaguely liberating ... I hope I don’t become a nudist.”

But the conversation took a serious turn when DeGeneres asked if Knightley has ever had an eating disorder. “I haven’t,” she said. “I think [the topic] obviously warrants discussion. It’s a psychological illness.”
She says when reports have claimed she suffers from one, it’s hard “not to take it personally.
“It’s very difficult when people started saying, ‘Yes, OK, you’re starving yourself. You’re making yourself vomit or whatever.’”

Knightley has said she had always been thin, adding, “my dad’s the same and so’s my mum.”
Atonement : Pictures of Keira Knightley at the premiere in L.A.
posted on 2007 Dec 08
Keira Knightley poses on the press line at the Los Angeles premiere of the feature film 'Atonement' in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2007


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