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Keira puckers up for some cringey kisses
posted on 2007 Oct 11
Ahhh... love's young thing. But not everyone was impressed by Keira's public displays of affection for her boyfriend on the set of her latest film. For many, Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend's constant kissing was more than a little cringeworthy.

The actress was puckering up to plant several smackers on her long-term boyfriend in between takes for her new film The Duchess. Dressed in 18th century garb, she is playing another aristocrat on the back of her period drama success Atonement.

This time she is Georgina, the Duchess of Devonshire, in a chronicle of the duchess' life starring opposite Ralph Fiennes. Her boyfriend, however, though an actor himself, was only on hand for a smooching support role.
The two lovebirds were caught in several clinches throughout the day - she in bustle and hat - he in leather jacket with a tea towel around his neck and a cloth sack on his head. Still, at least he brought out a few smiles on the face of the usually grumpy and publicity-shy actress.

As filming progresses on her period film, hundreds of people have been queueing up in a Norfolk town for the chance to play an extra. A casting session for extras was held at Fakenham Methodist Church but so many people attended the doors had to be closed after two hours on Saturday.

Ralph Fiennes plays Keira's husband in the film with veteran British actress Charlotte Rampling also among the cast.

Georgiana, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales, was a socialite at the centre of a circle of leading political and literary figures. But she was also notorious for her extravagant lifestyle and infamous for her marital arrangements - her best friend becoming the Duke's mistress.
Gallery addition : scren captures of Keira Knightley in POTC
posted on 2007 Oct 11
First of all, I'm extremely sorry for the lack of recent updates on the site. Keira Knightley Source was being moved to another server and I couldn't upload anything, and also, I was busy working on an idea for the site, but more on that later! Right now, what's important for you to know is that the contact form to send me mails isn't working at the moment, so please don't send me anything for the moment. I'll fix this ASAP.
I have just added tons of screen captures of Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean : The Curse of The Black Pearl :

Keira sex scenes 'a nightmare', actor says
posted on 2007 Oct 11
James McAvoy has revealed his sex scenes with Keira Knightley for the film Atonement were a "sweaty and uncomfortable nightmare". The 28-year-old actor felt so awkward while filming the raunchy scenes he kept apologising to Keira when the cameras stopped rolling.

James said: "It's always a nightmare filming sex scenes, isn't it? It's never easy and it's always a little bit sweaty and uncomfortable. When they call action, if you feel the lady's breast, it's your decision to feel the lady's breast. It's like, this is wrong. You have no parameters. We carried on and about 10 seconds later we just said very sheepishly, 'Sorry about that'."

The Last King of Scotland star - who Keira described as "the best kisser ever" - was pleased director Joe Wright ordered them around during the passionate scene. He said: "What was great about Atonement was Joe Wright was very on the ball with what he wanted, so when you were doing something it was at his behest."

James has just finished shooting Wanted, in which he plays a young man who learns that his long lost father is an assassin.
Keira Knightley on the cover of ALLURE
posted on 2007 Sep 27
I have just added the scans of Allure magazine :

The pictures are back online
posted on 2007 Sep 26
Alright so the maintenance is more or less over and you can now access the gallery again. However, lots of the thumbnails have not been resized yet, and as a result, some little pix might look a bit weird and distorted but the big ones are just fine. Don't hesitate, you can click ;-) Oh and I have added a few screen captures of Keira Knightley in "Bend it Like Beckham" :

posted on 2007 Sep 25
I'm just posting a few words to apologize for the lack of updates. I'm currently working very hard on a new style for the site and at the same time I'm also changing a few things in the gallery, which explains why it is currently offline. I'm resizing the thumbnails, and it takes time. I'm working as fast as I can though!
vote for Keira! : Talented Young People of the Month Awards
posted on 2007 Sep 10
The Talented Young Person of the month award has been set up by the Talented Young People organisation to recognise young people who are excelling with their talent.

The awards aren't just about the amount of money they are earning or the notoriety someone has the judging is done on an individual basis and is based on criteria such as improvement, level, impact and dedication. As well as recognizing household names we want to also recognise talented young people who don't get the amount of attention that famous young people do.

The top 5 to select from for the September Award are:

* Keira Knightley - British Actress
* Theo Walcott - Arsenal and England Football Player
* Newton Faulkner - British Singer / Songwriter
* Andy Murray - British Tennis star
* Amy Macdonald - British Singer / Songwriter
Go to http://www.talentedyoungpeople.comto cast your vote.
Keira and the Brit pack breeze into Venice for Film Festival fun
posted on 2007 Aug 29

Some of Britain's hottest acting talents have been arriving in Venice for the city's annual film festival, with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy leading the way. The in-demand duo's latest film Atonement, directed by the man behind Pride And Prejudice Joe Wright, is opening the famously glamorous cinematic event, and is already generating Oscar buzz.

The pair star as class-divided lovers in the adaptation of Ian McEwan's best-selling novel, and Keira's performance in particular has received plaudits.

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