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A tiny update...
posted on 2009 Mar 12
Back in 2007, Mexican magazine Día Siete had Keira Knightley on its cover to promote "Atonement", we now have the scans in our gallery :

EDIT March 14 : This is just a small note to remind you that some scans in our gallery (including the DIA SIETE ones) are scanned EXCLUSIVELY for this site, which means I paid for the magazine and to import it and scan it, or someone scanned it for the site. So it would be nice of you to understand this is also what makes the difference between Keira Knightley Daily and the other sites (I'm not saying we're better, I'm saying we're different and are trying hard to have an original content), so please DO NOT TAKE OUR SCANS and PICTURES TO PUT IT ON YOUR SITES. When things like that happen, it certainly doesn't encourage me to look for more magazines that you haven't seen anywhere else & pay tons of $$$ to import them.
Keira Knightley says never, sparks clone war
posted on 2009 Mar 12
The sci-fi’s the limit for Keira Knightley. The erstwhile English rose is ditching the period garb and going futuristic, signing on to star in the cloning-themed thriller Never Let Me Go.

Per Variety, the would-be blockbuster centers on a trio of British boarding school students who grow up isolated from the rest of the world only to realize they are actually clones whose sole purpose is to have their organs harvested.

At least if there are any hater-generated complaints about a robotic performance this time around, Knightley can blame it on her character.

Still, the film isn’t quite the popcorn-enabled fluff it may seem—the movie is based on the acclaimed, Booker Prize-nominated novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Alex Garland (28 Days Later) is adapting the flick; One Hour Photo’s Mark Romanek directs.

Starring alongside Knightley are fellow British thesps Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan. Cameras roll in London and Norfolk next month.
Site Announcements
posted on 2009 Mar 04
Keira Knightley Source Daily is back after a few months without any updates, and the site is actually back with a new name and a new design. Sorry for the currently unavailable pages, we need to work a bit on them but they'll be back online very soon. Please note that in the upcoming days we will also change the design in the gallery, so if things look weird or distorted there, it's normal... or maybe it's not normal but at least it's temporary! ;-)
I need to spend some time going through e-mails and sorting all the contributions, affiliate requests and other things that have been piling up, so if you sent me something, whatever it is, I will try to write you back asap.
That being said, I truly hope you'll enjoy the new design as much as I do, I wanted something simple but classy, and I'm sorry that the forum is gone (and it won't come back) but it wasn't very active anyway. I also got rid of the french version of the site, I blame the lack of French visitors, ahah
More pictures of Keira Knightley
posted on 2008 Dec 09
I swear I thought I posted an entry on the home page about these scans, but apparently, I'm getting old and I need to wear glasses. Okay, three weeks ago I added the scans of "The Telegraph" magazine which had a gorgeous picture of Keira dressed as Lady Georgiana Spencer on the cover. We also now have a scan of ELLE UK (April 2008) with a picture of Keira dressed in Chanel, and if that's not enough for you, we also have the scans of last year's German edition of Glamour -again with Keira on the cover, and I started making screen captures of "The Edge Of Love". Oh, and "The Duchess" was released 2 weeks ago in France so Keira's been on the cover of several magazines... including "Esprit Femme". More scans later, as usual.

Keira Knightley on the cover of Glamour in the USA
posted on 2008 Oct 09
We have the scans in our gallery, click on the thulmbnails to view the pictures :

New pictures of Keira Knightley in Toronto
posted on 2008 Sep 08
Keira Knightley attends a gala screening of 'The Duchess' during the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008 in Toronto.

Keira Knightley interviewed by Marie Claire UK
posted on 2008 Sep 08
"Marie Claire" (UK edition) kindly informed me that they have a nice interview with Keira Knightley that you can watch on "Marie Claire TV", Keira is promoting "The Duchess". The video includes clips from the film. Here's the link, it opens in a new window : MARIE CLAIRE TV (Click on "celeb interviews then select "Keira Knightley")
Finally the Glamour scans are here
posted on 2008 Sep 08
I finally got the UK version of GLAMOUR magazine in my mailbox and we now have our very own scans in the gallery. I also received "the telegraph" & "the observer" but I still have to scans these two magazines.


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